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3 Spring Donut Flavors that Pack a Punch

Even those who stick to the strictest diets need to indulge once in a while. Leave it to our team at Stan’s Donuts to provide you with a treat to dig into that’s worth every calorie. This spring, we’ve rolled out some new and exciting flavors for you to add to your list of favorites. 

Butterfinger Pocket

If you find yourself reaching for the Butterfingers every year on Halloween, this donut is for you! We’ve put a traditional spin on our traditional Pocket donut by adding a delicious Butterfinger twist. It’s filled with our creamy vanilla glaze and crushed Butterfinger pieces for an added crunch. We top it with a decadent chocolate glaze and a mini Butterfinger.

Butterfinger Pocket

Carrot Cake

Another fast fan favorite is our Carrot Cake donut. We use our traditional cake donut base and add spices and shredded carrots. We top it with cream cheese frosting and cake crumbles. 

Salted Caramel Old Fashioned

This is the perfect choice for those who prefer a dense old-fashioned donut over a light and airy cake donut. Our decadent salty and sweet glaze is generously poured over an old-fashioned base. Add some coffee on the side and treat yourself to this delicious donut!

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