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Big Shoulders Coffee

Announcing Our Partnership with Big Shoulders Coffee

What goes better with a decadent donut than coffee? Not only do we take pride in whipping up some of the best donuts Chicagoland has to offer, but we also want to be known for our plethora of coffee options as well. Our first Stan’s location opened in 2014 and founder Rich Labriola had a vision from the get-go of creating a go-to coffee and donut shop with a local neighborhood feel.

While we had an easy time creating high-quality donuts for everyone to enjoy, we needed a hand with producing the coffee. In order to bring high-quality coffee vendors into the mix, Rich began building relationships with people in the coffee industry that shared his passion for creating quality products, which is where he stumbled upon a Chicago roaster called Big Shoulders Coffee. Big Shoulders is known for producing high-quality coffee without the extra fluff, utilizing a single-origin bean that comes straight from their partners in rural Brazil.

More About Big Shoulders

Founder Tim Coonan has over 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry, starting as a chef working in prestigious restaurants in New York, Chicago, France and Italy. His coffee hobby eventually grew into a business, and he takes pride in every cup that is poured.

Best Donuts + Best Coffee

We couldn’t ask for a better coffee partner to accompany one of the best donut places in Chicago. From a simple cup of coffee to macchiatos, lattes, chai teas and more, you won’t be disappointed in the coffee selection at Stan’s Donuts. Stop by your nearest location to indulge in a decadent donut with a side of impressive coffee.