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Best Donuts in Chicago Visit Broadway

Stan’s Donuts is proud to announce a new partnership with Winnie the Pooh on Broadway! Whether you’ve visited Hundred Acre Wood at Mercury Theater or not, you can get a taste of Winnie the Pooh and friends at one of our locations around Chicago.

Starting April 18 and running until May 1, we’ll be offering these Pooh-rrific donuts, as well as running a Hunny Hunt! Visit one of our Chicagoland locations to learn more about what the Hunt entails.

For the low price of $4.95, your taste buds will be whisked away to a fantasy world where Christopher Robin’s stuffed animals become real and show the true meaning of friendship.

These specialty donuts in Chicago are only available in-store, not via preorder. Limit 1 per person.

Download the Stan’s App

Just because you can preorder the Winnie the Pooh donuts on the app doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put access to our birthday cake donuts, long johns, apple fritters, and peanut butter pockets at your fingertips.

By downloading the Stan’s and joining the Loyalty Perks Program, you’re on your way to earning free donuts and more. Satisfy your sweet tooth a little easier by downloading the app today.

Visit a Stan’s Near You

With 16 locations in the Chicago area, from Wicker Park to the South Side in Hyde Park, your favorite fried dough treats are closer to you than you think. Enjoy one of our chocolate cake-style donuts or have yourself a hot (or cold) fresh cup of coffee and start your day the way it should be started.