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Cake Donuts

Cake vs. Yeast Donuts: The Ultimate Donut Standoff

In the food world, there are certain subjects that are extremely polarizing; deep dish vs. thin crust, chocolate vs. vanilla, cheese vs. pepperoni. In the search for the best donuts in Chicago, you’ll find another standoff that has stood the test of time: cake donuts vs. yeast donuts. If you aren’t familiar with the difference between cake donuts and yeast donuts, you’re in for a treat. Choose a side based on the following information.

Cake Donuts

One agent used in cake donuts that are not utilized in yeast donuts is a leavening agent. Think baking soda or baking powder in order to achieve the right consistency. Cake donuts don’t require a long period of proofing before they are fried, which gives them an outer shell that is crispy and sometimes crumbly. Cake donuts are made to be sweet on their own, but a little bit of extra icing on top never hurt anybody.

For cake donut lovers, the texture is typically the star of the show. Cake donuts can be either soft and fluffy or dense like a muffin. Is your mouth watering yet?

The Rise of Yeast Donuts

Did you see what we did there? Can you guess the leavening agent in yeast donuts? That’s right, yeast. In order to achieve their fluffiness, yeast donuts need to rise for many hours before being fried. Yeast donuts are puffy and unsweetened, but our team at Stan’s Donuts tops them with a variety of incredible flavor profiles. In fact, Stan’s Donut’s owner Rich Labriola has long been involved in Chicago’s artisan baking world. He is one of the premier artisan bakers in the city, making our donuts that much more special.

If you’re looking for the best donuts in Chicago, stop by your local Stan’s Donuts to treat yourself to flavors like chocolate orange, pistachio, dreamsicle, and so many more!