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New Breakfast Menu

Introducing Our New Breakfast Menu

We’re glad you asked! Here are our current breakfast menu items.


Our Stanwich features a freshly baked roll topped with scrambled eggs, cheese, and the optional addition of bacon. It pairs perfectly with a cold brew and a sweet donut on the side.

Pretzel Stanwich

If you prefer a pretzel bun instead of a traditional bun for your breakfast sandwich, we have you covered. Our Pretzel Stanwich starts with our perfectly salted pretzel bun that’s baked to perfection. We slice it in half and top it with eggs, ooey cheese, and crispy bacon for a flavor explosion in your mouth. If you don’t eat meat, simply ask for the Pretzel Stanwich sans bacon.

Egg Bites

Egg bites are the perfect morning pick-me-up that is especially ideal for meals on the go. Our egg bites come in a pack of two to allow for a quick burst of energy before that morning meeting. Don’t forget to add your favorite coffee to your order, too!

Hash Browns

Crispy. Buttery. Amazing. Need we say more? Hash browns are always a fan favorite, and ours will not disappoint. They come in a pack of two so you can give one to a friend and keep one for yourself. Or maybe you want them both, your secret is safe with us.

Traditional Cherry & Almond Oatmeal

If you prefer your breakfast to be on the sweet side, our new breakfast menu also features two flavors of oatmeal: traditional and cherry almond. Packed with fiber and good nutrients, this breakfast will keep you full and energized for hours.


Are you ready to up your breakfast game? Visit any one of our participating Stan’s Donuts locations to try our new menu!