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The Best Chicago Donuts Are Turning Green

This year, for St. Patrick’s Day, Stan’s Donuts & Coffee are doing their best Chicago River impersonation and turning green! With four new specialty designer donuts, four new drinks, and St. Patrick’s Day-themed decorated cookies, we’ve reached the top o’ the mornin’ menu mountain!

This month, the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow can be found at the best donut shop in Chicago.

New Donuts Available March 10 – March 17

Green River Glazed

With an ode to the green-dyed Chicago River, we’ve dyed the top of our yeast-raised donut with a vibrant green glaze and bedazzled it with white sprinkles.

Chocolate Emerald Dipped

Stan’s is taking its traditional vanilla cake donut, dying it leprechaun green, dipping it in chocolate, and topping it with shamrock sprinkles and a creamy, white drizzle.

Shamrock Sprinkles

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a holiday without shamrocks! We’re swapping out our rainbow sprinkled donuts to a more festive blend of shamrock sprinkles and additional green and white sprinkles.

Forget about tasting the rainbow, come taste the Shamrock!

Irish Cream Bismark

For the holiday, we’re taking Stan’s yeast donut dough, rounding it out, and filling it with an Irish cream pastry cream. If that wasn’t enough, we’re going to glaze it in chocolate and top it off with a magically-delicious green circle of icing.

Lemon Curd Le Stan – Available March 17 – April 3

We know that once St. Patrick’s Day is over and the green goes away, you’re still going to want some new flavors, which is why we’ll be introducing the Lemon Curd Le Stan.

This twist on the class Le Stan will be made from a flaky, melt-in-your-mouth buttery croissant style dough, which we will then fill with lemon curd and coat in granulated sugar.

Come tickle your sweet tooth at Stan’s this month.

New Seasonal Drinks Available March 1 – March 31

Green Mint Hot Chocolate

A drink designed with a jolly green giant amount of taste, this drink is a blend of our hot chocolate powder and white chocolate sauce, mixed with mint syrup. It’s colored a festive green and topped with whipped cream.

Mint Cold Brew with Cold Foam

For all of you cold brew fanatics that still enjoy a cold drink even in cold weather, our signature cold brew gets topped with cold foam made with Irish cream syrup.

Irish Cream Cold Brew with Cold Foam

If the green mint syrup isn’t your lucky charm and you’d prefer a cold brew topped with cold foam made with Irish cream syrup, we have just the drink for you!

Mint Oreo Shake

Oreo cookies are a staple of deliciousness. But, then we tell you that we dump actual Oreo pieces into our signature shake made with mint syrup, and top it off with whipped cream AND MORE OREO PIECES!

Name something better in life, we’ll wait.

Turn Your Luck Around with a Visit to Stan’s

From River North to the South Side, Stan’s Donuts & Coffee has your taste buds covered for the month of March! Whether it’s an old-fashioned donut you’re seeking or a specialty option only available this month, stop in at any of our 16 Chicagoland locations for somethin’ sweet and tasty.