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Introducing Crullers

The Perfect Summer Donut Flavors

Staying at home for weeks on end undoubtedly has its challenges, but one way to ignite joy is by eating a donut (or two) from Stan’s Donuts. As one of the best donut shops in Chicago, we know firsthand how much happiness a simple dough circle can bring, so why not order takeout or delivery from us? Our team is working hard to stay on top of orders, serving up some insanely delicious flavors along the way. Here are some of our favorite donut flavors for summer.

Lemon Raspberry Old Fashioned

Nothing says summer like a lemon raspberry flavor combination. Our Lemon Raspberry Old Fashioned is the perfect flavor to kick off summer. The sweet batter makes every bite of the dense donut that much more delicious. Even though we can’t sit by the pool and kick our feet up right now, this donut will transport you to better days. Sweet raspberry and lemon flavors combine for the perfect bite every time. It’s as delicious as it is beautiful.

Coconut Cake

Another one of our favorite summer flavors is Coconut Cake. Light, airy and perfectly sweet without being overbearing. We even adorn the outside with coconut flakes! Warning: you may need a napkin while you eat this one. We promise the small mess is worth the deliciousness.

Strawberry Cruller

Our crullers are made using French-inspired choux dough for a light and airy classic treat, and the Strawberry Cruller, in particular, is topped with our delightful house-made strawberry glaze and filled with our luscious pastry cream.

Which one of our donut flavors is your favorite? Remember, even during quarantine, we are open for carryout and delivery!