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What’s New for Fall

Slinging some of the best donuts in Chicago on a daily basis and seeing our customers’ sheer joy is what keeps us happy. Now that the city is beginning to lean into fall and all that it has to offer, we’re proud to announce some new happenings around our stores.

New Donut Flavors

What’s fall without some seasonal donut flavors? We have officially rolled out two new flavors this year: our Danish Donut with Almond Cream and a Lemon Espresso Bismark. Both offer incredible flavor profiles that you can’t get anywhere else.

The Danish Donut with Almond Cream is made using a base of traditional Danish dough that’s filled with a house-made almond pastry cream. We top it with a chocolate ganache glaze and sliced almonds for the perfect mix of savory and sweet.

Our Lemon Espresso Bismark is another favorite. This light treat is made from our classic yeast dough and filled with a house-made lemon curd filling. We top it with our vanilla glaze and our house-made espresso sugar for a unique, refreshing end-of-summer treat.

Stan’s Cold Brew

In addition to our two new donut flavors, we are proud to announce our Stan’s Cold Brew that’s new to stores. A soft, smooth medium roast is the perfect addition to your morning donut with caffeine levels to prepare you for any task ahead.

If you want to take your coffee experience up to another notch, opt for our Nitro Cold Brew or Chocolate Lightning that has a splash of speciality-blend chocolate milk.

If you’re more of a hot coffee or latte drinker, we have plenty of options for you, too.

Visit Your Local Stan’s Location Today

To try these new flavor profiles for yourself, visit your local Stan’s Donuts location to try some of the best donuts in Chicago.