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Donuts – Perfect Thanksgiving Desserts

Why Donuts Are the Perfect Thanksgiving Dessert

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many Chicagoans are getting into the holiday spirit. There’s nothing quite like biting into your first piece of Turkey during Thanksgiving dinner, but once the savory dishes are done, there’s only one thing to look forward to dessert. Of course, pumpkin pie and apple crisp are obvious favorites, but have you considered stopping at one of the best donut places in Chicago to pick up dessert instead? Here’s why you should consider bringing Stan’s Donuts to Thanksgiving dinner this year. 

Seasonal Flavors

We know how important it is that Thanksgiving dessert features seasonal flavors, so our team at Stan’s Donuts has you covered. Sink your teeth into a maple cinnamon roll  or apple fritter or switch up tradition by bringing a beignet pair instead. We have a wide variety of flavors so take your time browsing our menu and finding the perfect option for you.

Easily Transportable

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year, so if you’re tasked with bringing dessert, you’ll want it to be something that is easy to transport. Donuts are one of the easiest desserts to transport safely without destroying them, so no matter your end destination, you’ll arrive safely with the goods in hand. 

Something for Everyone

Dietary restrictions are commonplace in 2019, so getting a dessert that you can easily tailor is key to everyone’s happiness. We have vegan recipes and gluten-less options that everyone will enjoy! Please keep in mind that although we make these donuts using a gluten-free recipe, all of our donuts are made using shared equipment and fried in the same oil. Cross-contamination is a possibility to keep in mind. 

Stop by Stan’s Donuts, one of the best donut places in Chicago, and win your Thanksgiving dinner.