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Autumnal Flavors

You’ll Fall for These Autumnal Flavors

Fall is officially back. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling off, and fall flavors are in full swing. Whether you’re starting or ending your day with donuts, we don’t judge, but make sure to try some of our beloved fall flavors the next time you visit your local Stan’s Donuts location.

The Fall Glazed

A festive take on our classic yeast donut featuring the colors of candy corn. It’s hard not to be in a festive mood while eating this decadent seasonal treat.

Pumpkin Vegan & Cinnamon Sugar Vegan

We know what you’re thinking: are vegan donuts going to be as good as normal donuts? We promise the answer is yes. Even non-vegans will love these light, airy and simply delectable donuts.

The Pumpkin Vegan is our classic cake donut made with a pumpkin base. For the Cinnamon Sugar Vegan, bite into the perfect combination of sweet sugar atop our fluffy cake donut. We recommend eating both of these warm to elevate the experience.

The Apple Pie LeStan

When it comes to pie, are you more #TeamApple or #TeamPumpkin? If you love apple pie, you’ll love the Apple Pie LeStan. A crispy, perfectly cooked exterior holds in our incredible ooey, gooey apple pie filling. You may need a napkin for this one!

Cherry Old Fashioned

Cherry-flavored foods are always good, but something is even better about them in the fall and winter seasons. Our classic old fashioned donut is turned up a notch thanks to a cherry glaze. If you usually like old fashioned donuts but want something with a different twist, try this unique flavor.

Fritters: Choose Your Flavor

Who doesn’t love a good fritter as the seasons change? Our fritters are extremely decadent and each bite is better than the last. Choose from apple or blueberry depending on your mood.

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Don’t forget to grab a coffee while you’re visiting us, too! We whip up a mean macchiato and serve cold brew so good you’ll want to drink it daily. We can’t wait to see you next!