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Sweeten your wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or just about any other big celebration with Stan’s Donuts. Tell us about your event and we will get back to you in a flash. If you are looking to order just 4 dozen donuts or less, please place your order online. For inquiries about larger orders, please complete the form below.

Looking for info on our food truck, the Stan’s Van? Click here!


What is the minimum order for Stan’s “Catering”?

The minimum order for a catered delivery is $100 or more.  If it less than $100, we can schedule a pickup or you may place an order online.

Where do you deliver?

Just about anywhere.  Please inquire about details and pricing.

What if I want to pick up my catering order?

No problem at all. Let us know which location would be best for a pick up. We’ll also need to know what time you’d like to pick up. If you will be sending a friend to pick up, please provide their name and phone number.

Do you have letter-shaped donuts?

We do not offer letter-shaped donuts at this time.

Is there a minimum order for mini donuts?

Our mini donuts are a special order item and are sold by the dozen. There is a minimum order of 5 dozen. Your five dozen can be of different varieties.

What varieties of mini donuts do you offer?

Chocolate Sprinkled Cake
Vanilla Sprinkled Cake
Cinnamon Sugar Cake
Chocolate Glazed
Lemon Pistachio Old Fashioned
Blueberry Old Fashioned
Chocolate Old Fashioned
Vanilla Old Fashioned
Vanilla Old Fashioned with Sprinkles
Powdered Sugar Cake
Chocolate Sprinkled Glazed
Vanilla Sprinkled Glaze

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Dipped Cake

Do you have any gluten-free donuts?

We offer three varieties of full-size gluten-less donuts. They are either glazed in Chocolate, Blueberry or Pistachio. While they are made using a gluten-free recipe, they are prepared on the same equipment as all our donuts.

Do you make vegan donuts? Are they fried in lard?

We do make an amazing yeast-raised vegan ring topped with granulated sugar! We do not fry any of our donuts in lard. Never have, never will. There is, however, a small amount of lard in the dough for our conventional yeast-raised donuts, and out of necessity, we do currently fry our vegan donuts in the same oil as the others. This means there is a risk of cross-contamination. We hope to someday be able to separate production.

How many donuts should I order for my event?

If donuts are the only dessert offered, we recommend 1-2 full size or 3-4 mini donuts per person. If you are offering a dessert bar with other types of dessert you can cut that number down accordingly.

I'm thinking of a donut tower or a donut wall, do you rent the displays and provide set up?

Donut displays are popular and so creative, Stan’s does not offer any display items for rent or sale, nor do we provide any set up at your venue. We have found that many couples get help in this department from a creative friend or family member.

How many coffee boxes will I need for my event?

Our catering boxed coffee comes in a 96-ounce box and will serve 8-10 people. With the purchase of a to-go box, Stan’s will provide the essential cups, lids, creamers, sugar, sugar substitute and stirrers.

Can you send me an invoice for my catering order?

We do not offer an invoice.

We will ask you for a credit card to place your order.

Can I give you a deposit for my order?

At this time our system is not set up to take deposits.

We will charge your card on the morning of your event before pick up or delivery.

Can I pay for my catering order with a gift card?

Yes, you may pay for your order with a gift card or provide the gift card numbers over the phone. If your order is being delivered, you can drop off the gift cards to the Stan’s location that will be sending your order out. We will still ask for a credit card when you place your order, but will only charge your card if the gift cards don’t cover the total amount of your order.

When is the latest we can call or email with an order?

We appreciate at least 48 hours advance notice on any catering orders.  However please feel free to reach out for last-minute orders. We will do our best to accommodate.

Submit a Catering Request

Please email catering@stansdonutschicago.com with the following details and one of our donut specialists will follow up:

  • Name
  • Email address and phone number
  • Type of event
  • Date and location of event
  • Quantity of donuts requested
  • Any additional information

Cancellation Policy: Same day cancellations are charged 50% of the total order.  Orders cancelled within 3 hours of delivery time will be charged in full.

The Stan's Van

Our food truck can be found all around downtown Chicago during the week, adding a little touch of sweetness to the busy workday landscape! Find our current location at Chicago Food Truck Finder or on our Twitter, @StansDonutsCHI

Of course, the Stan’s Van, as we like to call it, is also available to be booked for private events! Learn more here. If you’re looking to bring the unique experience of a donut truck to your next fiesta, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

More info about the Stan’s Van:

  • Booking the truck for a prepaid, catering-style event requires payment of a nonrefundable booking fee in addition to the cost of the donuts. Fees vary based on distance; most city rentals run about $400, while rentals in the near suburbs typically are around $500.
  • Standard rentals are usually for about 3-4 hours. Longer engagements may incur a higher booking fee.
  • Donut pricing is the same aboard the Stan’s Van as it is on our Takeout Menu. Any leftover donuts from a prepaid rental are yours to keep, which we’ll happily pack up for you at the end of the rental.
  • Booking the truck for an event in which we show up to sell donuts to your guests requires no upfront cost, but we do require signature to a Guaranteed Minimum Agreement in order to ensure we can cover the costs of keeping the Van rollin’ down the road. How this works is as follows: at the end of the rental period, we run a report of our net sales. If they meet or exceed a predetermined amount, there’s no additional cost, we high-five and go our separate ways. If they don’t, the sponsoring organization makes up the difference, then we high five and go our separate ways. The minimum amount varies based on the event, but for most rentals it’s around $5-600.
  • We have no donut-making or coffee-brewing equipment on board the Stan’s Van, so everything we bring is prepared ahead of time at our West Loop, Chicago bakery. This unfortunately means we’re physically limited as to the amount of hot drip coffee we can serve aboard the truck.
The Stan's Van

Please email catering@stansdonutschicago.com with the following details and one of our donut specialists will follow up:

  • Name
  • Email address and phone number
  • Rental date and location
  • Donut and coffee order
  • Is this a Catering Service (you’d like us to arrive and serve pre-paid items to your guests) or Vendor Service (you’d like us to arrive and sell items to your guests?)
  • Any additional information
The Stan's Van